Our healer can help you clear your mind and body of negative energy and tension, cope with trauma, transform grief, break generational curses, banish negative entities, and much more.


Get help with a specific anxiety, trauma, or blockage. Our healer can help you develop sustained spiritual healing to overcome psychic wounds, remove blockages or attachments, and help you identify ways to stay spiritually healthy.


Just like physical health, keeping your spirit and psychic energy healthy requires daily mindfulness and practice. Our healer is a compassionate and open-minded listener and works with people from all faiths, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. You will always be treated as an individual, and be given help to develop spiritual strategies that work with your life and your beliefs.


Lask is ordained under the Universal Life Church, and has spent his life practicing a variety of spiritual traditions, studying history, mythology, occultism, psychology and sociology. He has learned about many forms of “magic,” astral journeying, and energy transmission, and believes that “magic” is simply shorthand for complex observable processes that science cannot currently explain. He identifies as an eclectic practitioner of no particular path/religion, and his healing methods draw on techniques from traditions such as reiki, chakra healing, zen meditation, pagan spell casting and scrying, and new age astral projection. Lask works closely with the archetypes of the Tree of Life and the Well of Memory, and bases his understanding of the human mind in Jungian psychology. He is happy to work with the psychological models, faith and/or god(s) of his clients, and is always happy to work with LGBTQ+ individuals. Lask believes spirituality and spiritual healing are deeply personal, and enjoys helping his clients achieve their own unique understanding of the universe and themselves, so they can lead more joyful and healthy spiritual lives.


& Crystals

Lask makes his own tools with carefully chosen stones and sacred beech wood to maximize his ability to transfer positive energy to his clients.


Bells are powerful tools for cleansing and focus. Our healer has multiple bells in his toolkit with different specialties to match the best tone to the client's needs.

Herbs & Aromatherapy

Enjoy the soothing scents of lavender, chamomile, cedarwood, and other natural herbs to promote relaxation while you receive energy work.

Guided Meditation

During healing sessions, you will be guided into a relaxed state where you will be better able to receive positive energy, and achieve better clarity on the areas you need to heal.


It's important to keep your energy positive even when the session is over. Our healer will send you home with a custom set of tools and instructions to help you continue your healing and growth.



Our healer helps facilitate an intentional shift in your thought patterns and spiritual energy through guided meditation and personalized rituals, which are designed to help you understand what is troubling you, interact with it in manageable ways, and take deliberate actions through ritual or life choices to create the positive change you want. This is not “faith healing” in that our healer’s faith somehow heals you, but rather YOUR faith in your own power and resilience can manifest the healing you want. Our healer is here to help you awaken to your own power, and determine the next steps in your spiritual growth.


Directing attention and intention is powerful. Our healer is an experienced practitioner of magic, trance states, and focusing/directing spiritual energy. Use his experience and natural magic as an anchor and boost for the change you wish to make.

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