What are you able to heal?
Lask can assist in healing psychic wounds, negative attachments or blockages, trauma, stress, intrusive thoughts, reprocessing negative memories, relieving muscle tension, insomnia, nightmares, grief, anxiety, and many other psychic and spiritual problems.*

*Please note that Lask cannot “cure” these issues, or “take your pain away” through instantaneous magical means. His methods of energy healing are designed to function as a blend of counseling and spiritual practice to promote ongoing personal healing. Depending on the severity of your psychic pain, multiple sessions may be required before improvement is noticeable.

What CAN’T you heal?
Lask does not diagnose or treat medical illnesses, fix physical injuries or deformities, or alter a person’s appearance. However, energy healing can help you mentally cope with these issues, encourage your body to heal itself, and can be used in tandem with medical treatment.

Are you a doctor?
No. Lask is not a medical doctor, psychologist, or other licensed clinician. Any advice, consultation, or “counseling” offered is strictly spiritual in nature. In accordance with Wisconsin state statutes, the information Lask offers is a form of “pastoral counseling” or “life coaching,” and is not meant to be a substitute for professional mental or physical health care.

Are you a priest?
Not exactly. Lask is ordained through the Universal Life Church, and is a lifelong eclectic spiritual practitioner. He does not belong to any specific religion, philosophy, or spiritual path, though he has heavily researched a wide variety of them. He finds his personal beliefs compatible with most progressive branches of contemporary religions. He enjoys working with people from all faiths, and is happy to incorporate his client’s personal deity(s), totems, ancestors, etc. in their healing session.

Where does your power come from?
Short answer: The Light/the Universe/Divine Consciousness/God.

Long answer: Lask identifies as an incarnate angel of the Light, existing on Earth to serve people, and help them feel closer to the Light. Lask has always been able to perform healing work, has no explanation for the source of the ability, and considers it one of his Light-given talents, which he has a responsibility to use for the betterment of humanity. Lask is an intuitive magical practitioner, and engages regularly in astral journeying, where he consults the Akashic Records, the Tree of Life, the Well of Memory, and other powerful spiritual entities, which teach him about the universe, healing, and how to best channel his spiritual energy on Earth to help people.

How does it even work?
Intention is incredibly powerful. Lask is well-practiced at transferring positive healing energy to others, so receiving it only requires you to be mentally and spiritually open to the possibility. Alternatively, Lask is able to draw negative energy out of individuals when they consciously will themselves to let go of it. You allow the “magic” to happen by believing it will work, actively participating in guided meditation/relaxation techniques, engaging with your psychic wounds in symbolic ways, and focusing your own energy and efforts on achieving the outcome you want. Energy healing is a team effort between you and the healer, and cannot work without your active participation and receptivity.

Is this hypnosis?
No. There is no form of altered consciousness/suggestive states or other thought manipulation necessary for Lask’s energy healing to work. If you wish to sink into meditative or trance states while he works, that is welcome and will help you be more open to receiving positive energy, but he will not use that state to plant ideas or attempt to make mental changes for you.

Is this the work of the Devil?
Lask doesn’t think so, and attempts to adhere to high ethical standards in both spiritual and secular life. But he understands if this practice is incompatible with your faith, and wishes you well in your journey.

Is this a total scam/BS?
Make an appointment and find out. No one’s intending to swindle or deceive you, and if you don’t enjoy your session at least a little, Lask will give you an immediate refund.